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This is an area so little known to the European tourism yet in a delightful land wealthy of natural beauties, such as the Arch of Arcomagno, a natural arch of rock, entrance to an attractive coved beach,  with calm turquoise sea; the Faraglioni of Capri, beautiful sea rocks in the sea of Capri, one of many in the Amalfi Coast; or the Etna Volcano, still active and one of Sicily's biggest tourist attractions.
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Travel and holidays to south Italy - Holiday accommodation in Apulia, Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Calabria, Basilicata and Eolian Islands.

Travel and Holiday to south Italy, Campania, Amalfi Coast, Vesuvius, Cilento, Sorrento, Capri, Pompei, Naples, accommodation by the sea or rural



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The Amalfi Coast Towns     Map of Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most important visiting tourist resort of the South Italy, it attracts many visitors every year from worldwide nations like United States, Japan & Europe.
A beautiful, striking holiday destination full of natural breathtaking beautiful views, history, art and culture, with its little towns, rooked in the mountainous coast all facing the Mediterranen Sea. At times may not be possible to find accommodation in the small towns of the Amalfi Coast, the suggestion is to choose an area o town nearby and make the area of the Amalfi Coast and peninsula a visiting destination whilst staying in another holiday town resort. Amalfi. Positano, Sorrento, Padula, Atrani can be visited for the day with trips or excursions organized also by the hotels holiday accommodations or travel with your own car or transport whilist staying in another destination.

You may consider staying in the area between Maratea and Diamante central to the whole of the South Italy, so please check the availability below and book a Hotel accommodation by the sea or in the beutiful rural area and center point for other major South Italy destinations within a few hours of relaxing, discovering car drive.

Distances to the Amalfi Coast approx. Check Hotel Accommodation availability and book in these towns:

Capri Island and its sea blue grotto 50 km
Maratea and The Christ statue overlooking the little port 180 km
Diamante and its 300 murals paintings 210 km
Matera and the ancient Sassi (stones) 225 km
Etna volcano and mountain from Diamante 325 km
Ostuni and the Trulli Houses with stone roofs 350 km


Amalfi Coast - Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri, Positano - Set in a most beautiful combination of sea and mountains

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful areas of southern italy, that features just about everything nature has to offer, with a wonderful stretch of the Mediterranean sea that enjoys the most incredible shades of blue and green, attractive rugged coastline, imposing high mountains with all their wonderful specimens of Mediterranean flora and typical villages just clinging off them, history, art...

This very well known peace of heaven, comprises of various typical towns of the Campanian coast, starting from Amalfi going to the attractive Isle of Capri, the romantic Sorrento, Positano, and many others.


The coastal road along the Amalfi Coast is famous for its hairpin bends, fantastic views and general scariness. The busy artery winds along the cliffs, affording glimpses of blue sea directly below. The characteristic towns are all built at a very steep angle, so streets zigzag backwards and forwards. Many buildings, including hotels, are only accessible by steep alleys and stairways. The views are undeniably breathtaking, and away from the main road and the tourist hot-spots you can still discover the peace that charmed earlier visitors.


This most beautiful and very much praised stretch of mountainous coastline situated just to the south of Naples was famous for decades as a group of fishing villages, stacked precariously above the sea. Nowadays this area has become one of Italy's major tourist attractions and a staggering number of hotels have been squeezed into the small towns spaces.

Well-accustomed to catering for affluent foreign tourists, the area offers a generous selection of restaurants, bars, boutiques, boat

 trips.. just about anything self-indulgent to make your holiday a most comfortable and pleasurable one.

Amalfi Coast - Local Traditions, Typical  Southern Italian Relaxed Environment, Piazzetta s

Although prices are generally high, there are affordable options in the area. Some find the region over-developed and over-crowded, especially in the height of summer, but for many the little boutiques, ceramic shops and the welcome laid on for tourists is part of the coastline's charm.


The main town of the coast is, of course, Amalfi, and this makes a good base for exploring the area. Other popular destinations are Ravello, famous for its beautiful gardens perched high in the mountains above the sea, and for its classical music concerts and Positano, on the coast to the west of Amalfi, a traditionally 'posh' resort, where incredibly well-dressed tourists wander past exclusive boutiques before dining at even more exclusive restaurants.




Amalfi Coast - Amalfi, the coast's main town, sea, flors, enchantment, history


Set like an incomparable gem in a precious diadem, Amalfi gently overlooks the sea with its villages scattered along the coast and the typical houses clinging to the rocks bewitching every visitor. Nowhere do colours shine with such different, clear tones as on the Amalfi Coast, attracting thousands of visitors even of the greatest prestige.


Amalfi Coast Towns - Sorrento, mediterranean land, sea, caves and hystorical monuments


Mediterranean land that has been depicted, described and immortalised in song by artists, poets and travellers from every period of history. Its rugged coast, with inaccessible cliffs that soar upwards between beautiful beaches, hidden caves, enchanting bays and sheltered coves. Thousands of local cultural traditions that always offer a special event any time of year. Rich of monuments and natural beauties like the Roma Cathedral and the antique architectural buildings.


Amalfi Coast Towns - Isle of Capri, Island of Paradise surrounded by the mediterranen blue and rugged terrains


The beautiful Isle of Capri, is located at the mouth of the Gulf of Naples facing the breath of the Tyrrhenian Sea and boasting natural beauties that bewitch any visitor even of the highest prestige. Its innumerable sea caverns, rugged terrain of terraces and precipices, the unspoilt beauty of Monte Solaro, all enhance the enchantment that this Isle has upon everybody who visits it.


Amalfi Coast - Positano, old fisherman's village today great touristic attraction set in the heart of the Amalfi Coast and the Mediterranean


The Beauty of this picturesque town set in in a splendid panoramic position on the most famous and world known Amalfi Coast, is stunning and fascinates each visitor. Made up of three outlying wards, its greatest attractions remain the Town and the Sea-suburb. The town features the typical "piazzetta" and cafe ideal for meeting up with friends and family or even just to get to know other people in a friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere. Steep steps descend towards the bay in the heart of the Mediterranean. Find great architectural buildings in Positano like the S.Maria Assunta Church with its splendid majolica dome. The town also hosts other works of art from the 16th and 13th century.


Amalfi Coast Towns - Atrani, former fishermans village suspended on the rocks, now splendid attraction


This is one of the most picturesque small towns on the Amalfi Coast and probably the only town of this most beautiful rugged coast that kept in time, it's antique character of a small fisherman's village. It features a town square "La Piazzetta", meeting point for it's inhabitants and tourists, isolated from traffic and surrounded by the flowery balconies.


Amalfi Coast Towns - Ravello & it's Villas...natural theatre stage


Ravello, exceptional theatre stalls in a breathtaking posture for a natural spectacle. Located on a rocky spur astride the Dragon's and Regina's Valleys it offers to all it's visitors the relaxing panoramas from it's natural terraces and gardens. It is situated in a more elevated position than the other pearls of the Amalfi Coast and boasts exceptional landscapes full of green and colourful flowers that embrace one's soul.


Southern Italy - Amalfi Coast - Conca Dei Marini, set on the Amalfi Coast just on the Mediterranean

Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini, one of the beauties of the Amalfi Coast is set just between Positano and Amalfi, and not far from Sorrento and Capri. With it's small white houses spaced out between the "Fichi d'India" plants and the olive trees it seems to be a place where sea and sky mix their colours becoming a single thing. It has many natural beauties that one should never miss to see at least ones in a lifetime, like the Emerald Sea Grotto and the wonderful panorama from Via Roma. Torre Bianca, rides the promontory (Capo di Conca), jutting into the deep water of an unreal cobalt blue and habitual route for cetaceans like whales. This town also hosts many architectural and hystorical buildings like the Dominican Convent of S.Rosa and the Cathedral of S.Pancrazio.


Amalfi Coast Tows - Praiano, small tranquil village, set on the sea very close to Capri, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi


Praiano is set like a diamond in an enchanting location, once an ancient fishing village, today a prestigious seaside resort, nestled among the beautiful inlets of the breathtaking Amalfi coast. Praiano, known for its fine climate and excellent facilities, presents itself to the sea as a cascade of white houses on a verdant, flowering slope. Today Praiano is a prestigious sunning, swimming and boating destination, offering tourists from all over the world a tranquil location to stay and "start point" for great interesting excursions and visits to sample the joys of the coastline, with convenient proximity to the main resorts like Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi, Positano, Ravello.